Salone Nar me dis! (Sierra Leone here I am. )

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Na me dis. Here I am

Sierra Leone here I am. Salone Nar me dis!

We left each other thirty years ago and since then I keep on thinking about you.

Many things have happened in my life: I have become the son, the grandson, the brother, the cousin the nephew the uncle of many people in Niger, in France and certainly elsewhere.

I had parents who gave me everything: their love, their attention and accompanied me on all my adventures even those unsuccessful.

As you know, I lost a mother when I was born in the conditions that I spare you. But do you know what? I had two, one black and one white. one in Niger one in France. And don’t ask me to choose I love them all. I married Noémie, the most extraordinary and important person in my life . we are building a family. I will talk about that another time.

I have visited hundreds of places, met thousands of people and made hundreds of friends all over the world.

I worked hard, got involved in a lot of humanist causes with successes and failures. Always trying to give back what life and people gives me.


Sierra Leone, you know, I’m glad to see and rediscover you.

When we lost sight of each other, it was chaos. Sierra Leoneans had taken weapons against themselves for a totally unexplained reason. The thing is, in this story, thousands of our parents died, others are maimed and have the consequences forever.

We have all lost: our parents, our friends our homes, our towns and villages and certainly all our innocence. For me I think  my childhood.

So before all things, I offer my sincere condolences to all.

And as for those who were involved in this butchery, I FORGIVE YOU

I forget nothing but I forgive everything

No, I don’t forget because I can’t, but above all it is my only way to take care of myself.

Not forgetting is the only way to keep telling ourselves: NEVER AGAIN. So let’s forgive but let’s not forget to ward off the spell

Finally, I apologize to all alive or death and to the ancestors for all these years of absence and silence. Sorry!


Sierra Leone, the tears I have today are not just tears of sadness. These are above all tears of joy, prayer and celebration for all of you who are here, those who will be born,  those who have left for the world of ancestors.

Yaema,… Pa Lamina,… Pa Saio,… Ya Kadie,… Ya Mabinty,… Pa AbdoulBaki… and all the ancestors, Na me dis

Sierra Leone here I am


A propos Baki Youssoufou

Créateur d'engagements, Sociale média stratégiste, Activation digitale et amplification de campagne de communication . hacker citoyen, spécialiste de techno-politique et des communs. Entrepreneur, expert de l’activation digitale de campagnes de communication auprès de citoyen, j’accompagne les mouvements citoyens, entreprises et fédérations à créer l’engagement de leurs communautés. Je suis: - Co-Fondateur de Tao World: Développement personnel, démocratie participative, Vente du jeux du Tao, Production audio-visuelle - Co-Fondateur Raiz Agence de communication web conversationnel - Fondateur de We Sign It: Plateforme de mobilisation citoyenne - Président de Active Generation: Réseau mondial de web activiste - Porte parole de #QuoiMaGueule collectif pour en finir avec les contrôles au faciès Français d’origine Nigéro-Sierra-Léonaise, je travail dans des mobilisations sur internet, La technopolitique et la stratégie social média. Etude de Banques et risques des marchés financiers puis économie sociale et solidaire. Syndicaliste étudiant puis président de la confédération étudiante. J'ai participe aux printemps (Tunisie, Egypte, Sénégal, Côte d’Ivoire….). J'ai participé à #NuitDebout en France je suis co-auteur de #32Mars. Je suis radical social média stratégiste inspiré par les mouvements citoyens des villes espagnoles.
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